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How to win at the slot machine?

Players all over the world have known for decades: slot machines offer great entertainment and, with a little luck, huge winnings. However, there are often a huge number of slot machines in online casinos, casinos and gambling houses. How do you go about choosing the best slot machines? And when do slot machines give the best?

Here you will find the best slot machine tips for:
Slots in online casinos
Slots in land-based casinos and arcades
How to win at slot machines in online casinos?
The popularity of online casinos is unbroken – for years, more and more German players have been drawn to the virtual slot machines. Online, there are even many more slots to choose from than in the gambling house. Is that why you have to pay more attention? Below you will find the 10 best slot machine strategies for gambling in online gaming arcades.

1. play as many paylines and with as high stakes as possible
In the meantime, there are not only online slot machines with three reels. Today’s video slot machines offer up to 243 or even more ways to win. In order to get the most out of the slot, you should also take advantage of its possibilities. So play as many paylines and with as many features as you can. However, keep an eye on your bankroll – further tips on this can be found in the sections on bankroll management.

The background to this: The more you bet, the more you can win. If you play only one payline with a total amount of one cent, for example, the online slot machine will not unfold its full potential. Often, the payout ratio increases from a certain number of paylines and additional bonus features are unlocked if you wager more. The total bet is made up of the coin value per line, the number of lines and the number of coins per line.

Our tips for you:

With higher stakes and more paylines played, the payout ratio often increases and you can expect higher winnings and more bonus features.

Caution: Do not exceed your budget with your bet. 2.

Find out the payout ratio and the volatility.
Slots differ in terms of their payout ratio and volatility. Slots with a higher payout ratio (also known as Return to Player – RTP) pay back more per game in the long run than slots with a lower RTP.

As a general rule, you should prefer slots with a high payout ratio, i.e. 96% or more. These slots are also called loose. Slots with high volatility pay out more irregularly, but tend to have larger winnings. If a slot has low volatility, you can expect more regular but smaller wins. Pick an online slot that has the winning regularity you want.


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